Since 2011 I give seminars in musicology and offer Bachelor and Master courses for musicologists and music teachers. My teaching focuses on topics in sociology of music, transcultural and systematic musicology, popular music studies, performance studies, material culture studies and the history of music in the 20th and 21st centuries. As a result of my own musical practice and my teaching and research activities in the field of mobile music making, I have started giving workshops on making music with apps. These are courses for the further education of music teachers who want to use tablets and smart phones in their music lessons.

Seminar – WS 20/21: Musikethnografie als Krisenforschung: Musikalische Praxis in Zeiten der Pandemie / Music ethnography as crisis research: Musical Practice in times of pandemic (MA Musicology/ Modul: Historische Anthropologie und musikalische Sozialforschung /Humboldt-University Berlin)

Seminar – SoSe 2020: Qualitative Methoden der Musikforschung (MA Musicology/ Modul: Historische Anthropologie und musikalische Sozialforschung /Humboldt-University Berlin) [canceled]

Seminar – SoSe 2019: Musik als Performance (BA Musicology/ Modul: Musik als soziale Praxis /Humboldt-University Berlin)

Seminar – SoSe 2017: Die Aufführung: Interdisziplinäre und transkulturelle Forschungsperspektiven / Performance: Interdisciplinary and Transcultural Research Perspectives (University of Potsdam)

Seminar – WS 2016/17: Improvisation: Soziologische, kognitionswissenschaftliche und transkulturelle Forschungsperspektiven / Improvisation: sociological, cognitive science and transcultural research perspectives (MA) /Musik erforschen und vermitteln (BA/University of Potsdam)

Seminar – SoSe 2016: Forschungsseminar: Plurale Musikanalyse / Research Seminar: Plural Music Analysis (MA / University of Potsdam)

Seminar – WS 2015/16: Einführung in die Musikästhetik / Introduction to music aesthetics (BA) / Qualitative Methoden der Musikforschung (BA/University of Potsdam)

Seminar – SoSe 2015: Musikalische Avantgarden im 20. Jahrhundert / Musical avant-gardes in the 20th century (MA/University of Potsdam)

Seminar – WS 2014/15: Formen des Wissens über Musik / Forms of knowledge about music (MA/University of Potsdam)

Seminar – SoSe 2014: Theorie und Praxis der freien Improvisation – Wissenschaftlich-künstlerisches Projekt / Theory and practice of free improvisation – a scholarly and artistic project (BA/University of Potsdam)

Seminar – WS 2013/14: Musik erforschen und vermitteln / Researching and mediating music (BA/University of Potsdam)

Seminar – SoSe 2013: Musik als Performance / Music as Performance (MA/University of Potsdam)

Seminar – WS 2012: Einführung in die Musikwissenschaft / Introduction to Musicology (BA/University of Potsdam)

Seminar – SoSe 2012: Performance – Ästhetik und Analyse / Performance – Aesthetics and Analysis (MA/University of Potsdam)

Seminar – WS 2011/12: Einführung in die Musikwissenschaft / Introduction to Musicology (BA/University of Potsdam)