Musical Learning in Postdigital Communities [2017-2020]

The research project ›LINKED – Musical Learning in Postdigital Communities‹ (University of Erfurt/promoted by Federal Ministry of Education and Research; term: 2017-2020) investigates musical practices and learning processes under the conditions of digitally networked mobile technologies. The starting point is the Ableton Link technology, with which any mobile technology can be integrated into non-hierarchical WLAN networks. The focus is on the question of how and under what conditions musical processes of subjectivation take shape in the context of digitally networked communities.

The research proposal was submitted by Marc Godau, Matthias Haenisch and Verena Weidner. The project will run from 2017 to 2020 and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The aims of the project are: (a) the reconstruction of the concepts of subject, community, music and instrument (technology) within digital practice, (b) the investigation of the situational conditions of postdigital communities and the discursive constructions of human and non-human actors that emerge within them; and (c) the analysis of the relevant forms of self-understanding. The results of the sub-study will be incorporated into an empirically based model of specific educational processes in the context of digital music practices with mobile technologies.

LINKED is a subproject of the MuBiTec research network. The MuBiTec research association addresses the special educational potential resulting from the mediamorphosis of artistic-musical practice in the context of digital mobile technologies. Three sub-studies will examine how mobile digital culture is socially and technologically constituted, which special aesthetic categories emerge in artistic practices, and which specific forms of musical learning and music-related competence development occur in informal and non-formal settings. The aim of the joint project is the empirically based development of a theoretical model of specific educational processes in the context of digital music practice with mobile technologies. Team: Prof. Dr. Verena Weidner (University of Erfurt) Matthias Haenisch (University of Erfurt) Maurice Stenzel (University of Erfurt) Cooperation partner: Prof. Dr. Marc Godau (Clara Hoffbauer University of Applied Sciences Potsdam) Project Website

Author: Haenisch