»How Popular Musicians Learn in the Postdigital Age« – An Actor Network-Study on the Sociomateriality of Band’s Songwriting in Informal Contexts

Following Actor Network Theory and thus investigating songwriting as a sociomaterial process we present, exemplify, and discuss the results of the exploration of informal practices. The song, as an actor network, transforms through several spaces and phases. The starting point are socio-technical constellations in which the events and the maturation of ideas as organisms are made probable. From there, an iteration of adaptation to musical-aesthetic standards and physical ability begins: The phases covered are recording, internal publishing and rehearsing, within which the idea is translated from the workpiece to the object of dispatch into technical requirements. This is completed by the publication phase, in which the song idea is presented as a standardized product in several online and offline contexts.

Marc Godau, Matthias Haenisch: »How Popular Musicians Learn in the Postdigital Age – Ergebnisse einer Studie zur Soziomaterialität des Songwritings von Bands in informellen Kontexten«, in: Praxen und Diskurse aus Sicht Musikpädagogischer Forschung, hrsg. v. Verena Weidner & Christian Rolle, Münster/New York 2019, 51-68.