Becoming a Postdigital Musician. Subjectivation in Contemporary Electronic Music

The article asks how individuals are subjectified by being addressed within the community of electronic musicking related to the Link-protocol. The starting point is the technological actor Ableton Link, which connects music apps and software in a shared wireless network. This enables collective improvisation with digital technologies. Based on a (cyber-)ethnographic approach, the research project MuBiTec_LINKED follows Ableton Link into its online and offline contexts. This contribution shows how addressings on the part of the Link program architecture on the one hand and readdressings on the part of the community on the other initiate Link-specific processes of subjectification.

Keywords: subjectification, community of practice, post-digitality, music education, ethnography

Weidner, V., Haenisch, M., Stenzel, M. & Godau, M.: »Adressierungspraktiken in der Ableton Link-Community –
ein (cyber-)ethnographischer Zugang«, in: Musikmachdinge im Kontext. Forschungszugänge zur Soziomaterialität von Musiktechnologie, hrsg. v. Ahlers, M., Jörissen, B., Donner, M. & Wernicke, C., Hildesheim: Olms 2022.

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Author: Haenisch