CTM Festival 2018: Discourse Program on Digital Technology

Under the condition of the growing technosphere the impact of what Marshall McLuhan calls the technological unconscious has grown. The myths, hopes and anxieties of technology-driven change, of democratization or hegemony, participation or determinism are still topical. How digital technology shapes society and culture seems more pertinent than ever. How the relations, conflicts and transitions between the real and the virtual, between disembodiment and materiality has changed the (post)human condition is still an open question. How does music technology configure, embed and articulate cultural habits and practices? How does postdigital musical practice construct and transform, stabilize or destabilize our notions of subjectivation and community? And what are the critical tools of reflecting the socio-technological effects of digitalization that otherwise would remain hidden?

CTM Festival Discourse Program on Digital Technology hosted by Dahlia Borsche & Matthias Haenisch:

Aden Evens: On the Limits of Digital Creativity

Leigh Alexander: Sites of Magic Amid the Ruins?

George Lewis: Why Do We Want Our Computers to Improvise?

Artist Talk: Roscoe Mitchell & George E. Lewis

Date: Saturday, Feburary 2nd 2018

Place: Kunstquartier Bethanien (Studio 1), Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

Author: Haenisch