Composers choreograph sounds. Dancers interpret compositions. LABOR SONOR : CHOREOGRAPHING SOUND explores translation processes between sound and movement, music and body. Contemporary forms of visible music and composed actions emerge through the encounters between extended notions of composing, choreographing and dancing. The focal point of this transdisciplinary experiment is how composing practices translate into dance and choreographic concepts translate into music. > read more 

Artistic Directors: Matthias Haenisch & Christian Kesten

Freitag | Friday 30.11.2018
16:30 | Symposium
Introduction & Lectures with Dahlia Borsche, Matthias Haenisch, Christian Kesten, Mathias Maschat & Stephanie Schroedter > read more 
21:00 | Performances
SECRET SECURITY. Hanna Hartman composing for/with Hanna Hartman > read more 
42 BITS AND THEN SHE LIES. Kaffe Matthews composing for/with Jacob Ingram-Dodd, Helka Kaski & Louise Tanoto > read more 

Samstag | Saturday 01.12.2018
15:00 | Symposium
Lectures & Artist Talk with Hanna Hartman, Brandon LaBelle, Marcello Lussana, Kaffe Matthews, Yan Jun > read more
21:00 | Performances
WHY DOES MOVING AIR CREATE SOUND. Andrea Neumann composing for/with Fernanda Farah, Lee Méir & Hanna Sybille Müller > read more
THE SOLO PIECE. Matteo Fargion composing for/with Matteo Fargion > read more
DJ Zelda Panda > read more

Sonntag | Sunday 02.12.2018
14:00 | Symposium
Lectures & Artist Talk with Fernanda Farah, Matteo Fargion, Jin Hyun Kim, Katarina Kleinschmidt, Lee Méir, Hanna Sybille Müller, Andrea Neumann > read more
20:00 | Performances
META MUSIC No. 2. Yan Jun composing for/with Takako Suzuki > read more
THE WITHDRAWN, TOWARD, THEN. Brandon LaBelle composing for/with África Clúa Nieto, María Escobar & Jorge de Hoyos > read more

Artistic Directors: Matthias Haenisch & Christian Kesten

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