Aesthetic Experience in Mobile Music Practices [2017-2020]

The research project ›LEA – learning processes and aesthetic experiences in app music practice‹ (University of Cologne/promoted by Federal Ministry of Education and Research) is a three-year longitudinal study that examines learning processes and patterns of aesthetic judgement and experience in musical intercourse with digital smart technologies.

The way in which the research participants make music with their smartphone or tablet in an informal setting is monitored over a year through narrative interviews, videography and video stimulated recall interviews . The data is then analysed based on qualitative methods in grounded theory methodologies.

The research proposal was submitted by Marc Godau, Matthias Haenisch, Matthias Krebs and Christian Rolle. The project will run from 2017 to 2020 and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

LEA is one of three partial studies within the research network MuBiTec – Musical Education with Mobile Digital Technologies. The research network wants to find out which special educational potential results from the use of mobile technologies in musical practice. The three sub-studies will investigate how a mobile digital culture emerges socially and technologically, which special aesthetic aspects play a role in corresponding educational offerings and which specific competencies are promoted. The studies take place in both the school and extracurricular areas of cultural education.

Linus Eusterbrock (University of Cologne)
Matthias Haenisch (University of Erfurt)
Matthias Krebs (Berlin University of Arts),
Prof. Dr. Christian Rolle (University of Cologne)

Cooperation partner:
Prof. Dr. Marc Godau (Clara Hoffbauer University of Applied Sciences Potsdam)

Project Website

Author: Haenisch