Labor Sonor Festival 2021: TRANSLATING SPACES


27 – 29 August 2021 | ausland berlin | Ballhaus Ost | Friedhofspark Pappelallee | Spätkauf Pappelallee | St. Elisabethkirche | Villa Elisabeth | various places in public space

The forthcoming fourth edition of the festival, LABOR SONOR : TRANSLATING SPACES, will focus on space as an actor and mediator in musical and sound-oriented artistic production and reception processes. The focus is on space as an active instance both in the creative process and in practices of aesthetic experience: On the one hand, it is about the artistic translation of spaces, on the other hand, it is about space as a translator of heterogeneous social forces, concepts and practices. What do spaces offer, what do they allow, demand or prevent?  How does space act in the artistic process and at the same time become an object of artistic design? How does space become a partner or an opponent in artistic practice and experience? How does the agency of space relate to practices of listening? What possibilities does a specific space show for another hearing and for hearing the other? In principle, the entire spectrum of contemporary sonic and musical concepts of space between real, imaginary and virtual, between architectural, auditory and performative, natural, built and experienced space will be investigated in its discursive, material and historical efficacy. Focusing on contemporary sound-related spatial concepts, however, also offers an examination of the transformation of performance practices under the conditions of the corona pandemic. In this respect, the question of how the reorganization of social space (‘social distancing’, masking of the audience, etc.) modifies artistic spatial practice will also be addressed – even when artistic projects do not establish a direct thematic reference to the pandemic.